I'm Tinxiedoodles (Kristine), 30. A mom, a wife, an office drone,and a musician. I do a lot of artsy stuff, like photography, drawing, songwriting, singing, and I also love to do freehand nail art in my free time.

Most of the time, this tumblr will be about my nailart, but I will post some of my other pursuits from time to time, as well as nail art from artists that I admire a lot.

All designs posted by me are my own unless stated otherwise. Removing or editing the watermark on my photos is not allowed. Thanks for visiting my blog!


My dizzy #nails #nailstagram #Nailart #nailartaddicts #nailartjunkies #nailartclub  (Taken with instagram)

My dizzy #nails #nailstagram #Nailart #nailartaddicts #nailartjunkies #nailartclub (Taken with instagram)

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